About a Shoot
Examples of
my work!
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I respect the model and my intent is to take some stunning photographs that you will be proud to use in
your own portfolio.
I want to hear what you think! If you have an idea, let's try it!!
I am creative and open minded, excited to try new things, very good at photography and the example of
My work ranges from themed shoots to fashion, from body scape and headshots, and probably anything
else in between!
I am very experienced at post processing my photos so they look the absolute best they can be!
My model release is “model friendly”.  I only use your photos to supplement my portfolio and I choose
those photos with both of us in mind - When they look great, we both benefit!  Also, if I ever chose to
submit one for publication, I would contact you first for your approval - we would both deserve credit in
those cases!
Since my photography is done on a trade basis, I will usually be able to provide you with between 15 and
30 photos from a shoot that I have processed and retouched.  Most of the time, you will have the photos
within a few days.  Upon request, I can provide the unedited photos. I typically put my watermark on
the photo, but can provide one without it if you ask.

It is always my intent that you enjoy the shoot and the resulting photos, so you’ll want to shoot with me

I look forward to working with you!
If we are meeting at my house in Brighton (6 miles east of I-25) to shoot, Google Maps shows this
location accurately for Sea Jay Photography (15665 Akron Street):
This sheet is a summary of
proposed shots, ideas, and, in
some cases, a location for a
shoot. This is our "starting off
point". It will likely develop as we
discuss what we're going to do -
And, there is always room for
improvisation, too!
If you’d like to see a copy of the Model Release before we meet:
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I shoot on location and in two “studio” locations, Brighton and Thornton. I don’t rent a professional photography studio, which is very expensive - I don’t currently  charge for any of my photography (i.e. Portraits, Sports and Pet), so it doesn’t “pay for itself.”  My modeling photography is both a hobby and passion - intended to build my portfolio and help the model build hers. 

Instead, I pour my money into camera equipment, lighting, backdrops, and props - and save money by working generally out of my house. I use my three car garage as my studio space - it's wide, deep and has high ceilings, too, so that makes it very flexible.  Things like paint toss, latex, and other messy shoots are much easier to clean up, too! ;-)

My wife and teenage children are often present at the house when I shoot, but they won’t ever disturb us.  There is a bathroom immediately available next to where we’ll be shooting so you’ll have room with privacy for make-up, hair and changing clothes.
Also, an escort is always welcome!
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