Post Processing of your photos (Basic)
Tonal adjustments, including saturation and desaturation, sepia effect, exposure and contrast
adjustments, clarity control, sharpening, dehaze, etc.

Vintage and aging effect, vignettes, color adjustments (white balance)

Photo Retouching (Moderate to Extensive)
Photo Retouching
- Removal of spots and blemishes, wrinkles, eye bags and braces
- Skin Smoothing
- Stray Hairs removal
- Teeth Whitening and fixing
- Make-up correction; Lip moistening
- Tattoo removal

Photo Restoration - Stains, dust and scratches cleaning; Restoration of missing parts; Colorization;
Tear and Water damage repair; Faded areas restoration.

Color Replacement - Change colors of jewelry, apparel, furniture, cars, fabric, hair, make-up etc.

Replace / Remove Elements & Backround - Remove and change the background. Remove unwanted
objects or people. Add objects or people.

Post Processing of your photos
   Often between $.10 to $.25 per photo
Photo Retouching
   Often between $3 and $10 per photo
   (We make our estimate based on the time
    and complexity of the work)

Placing an Order
1. Just send us your photo(s).
   For 1-5 photos, you can e-mail them directly to

   For a larger number of photos, e-mail us and
   we'll send you a Dropbox code so you can upload
   the group of photos to a shared directory.  No
   account needed. 

   We respect your privacy and never publish your

2. We give you a no-obligation price quote, often
within minutes.

3. Once you accept the price quote, we’ll send you
an invoice.

4. After receiving your payment, we’ll deliver the
edited photo within 24 hours**.
   **A large number of photos may take a bit more
     time, but we'll let you know that!

Payments Accepted:

Retouching & Processing
Examples of
my work!